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The UK’s language skills deficit is already estimated to cost 3.5% of GDP, as firms miss out on expanding internationally. We know from experience that busy business leaders in financial services need a different approach to learning a foreign language. That’s how the concept of the 5-step language coaching was born – only available from ProLingua Global.

Traditional language teaching
Follows a general scheme
Teacher gives instructions and exercises
Teacher-student relation
Limited to course books
Student is passive
One-way process
ProLingua Global language coaching
Completely bespoke to your needs, personality, learning style
Natural conversations are at the heart of the process
Equal status between you and the coach
Authentic and relevant materials to match your needs
You learn by actively participating
We listen to your thoughts, feelings and needs
Nobody wants to learn a language

You want to understand it and be understood, speak it and feel comfortable with it.

Choose from four signature programmes according to your goals, available in two languages: German and Hungarian. Each is designed for the specific needs of executives in the financial services industry. There are 3-6 levels within each programme to match your language knowledge.


Social Intro Programme

To impress partners

Basic Business Programme

To understand partners

Fluency Programme

To be understood by partners

Proficiency Programme

To win partners

We have achieved outstanding results language coaching financial executives at firms like Barclays, Allianz and Deloitte

A unique teaching technique that customises language learning for individuals. ... The topics were very well organised starting from basics and working towards more advanced level in my individual learning space.

Csilla S.

The methods combined with a variety of current topics, work & non-work related, have helped to build up my confidence in speaking the language where I have to react quicker.

Karen A.

My confidence & appreciation of the German language has leapt forward.

Susan T.

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